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The hard work displayed in all the projects reaped us bagging another project from the same M/s Suez Indian Private Ltd for their much ambitious Bangalore Site. This site being out of Maharashtra state was one of the difficulties to complete this project. This project involved us in the excavation work of almost around 3,00,000 to 3,50,000 cubic meters for their Waste Water Treatment Plant of 150 MLD. We were also asked to provide various construction-related items in the project. This work order was amounting to Rs 15 – 17 Crore. Being a huge project we required all the support n basic infrastructure and for the same purpose, we had our own 3 Dumper, 2 Proklain, and 1 JCB. At around 7 Dumper and each Proklain & JCB was hired in this project. In total, we had the functionality of almost 10 Dumper, 3 Proklain, and 2 JCB on the site. This site was constructed by us almost 24 * 7 and we had a workforce of almost 50 people. This project was completed in the year 2019 well in advance of 4 months before the due date for completion of the project.